Garage Makeover, Remodel

Is your garage a disorganized catch all space that you toss things into that you can’t seem to find space for elsewhere? Is your garage so cluttered that you can’t even park your car inside? Instead you park outside and have to deal with whatever the weather throws at you before you drive off.

We have news for you… it does not need to stay that way. We have many innovative solutions to build customized storage that will hide your, leaf blower, mowers, beach stuff, tools, hoses, bikes and more while still leaving space for your car.

Let J. Newton Home Improvement turn your garage into the place to park your car first – then to one that organizes and hides all your stuff into well-organized and functional customized storage.


Don’t be among the millions of Americans who use their garages for everything but a car
– talk to J.Newton Home Improvement about recapturing a place for your car to call home.